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  • Published on 14/01/21 by Nicola Penlington

    Back to Blyton!

    We have been enjoying listening to The Castle of Adventure this week. I actually think this a Blyton book that is new to me, so I am really excited to listen to the end!
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  • Published on 09/10/20 by Nicola Penlington

    A Creepy Blast from the Past!

    I love audio books and this week I am sharing quite a spooky story with my daughter. It is called 'Stranger with my Face' and it is by the brilliant Lois Duncan. It is about astral projection, a skill that means you can be in two places at the same time. I would find this jolly useful! I won...
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  • Published on 29/09/20 by Nicola Penlington

    Always a Blyton Fan!

    Always a fan of Enid Blyton, I found this quote that really reminded me of the way that we encourage our children to have a Growth Mindset!
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  • Published on 25/09/20 by Nicola Penlington

    Really enjoying 'The Middler'...

    Fantasy Team are reading The Middler this term as their class reader, so I thought I would read it too. It is a novel by Kirst Applebaum, and it really is gripping.  The Blurb: In the town of Fennis Wick, there are two rules: eldests go to military camp when they turn 14, and you don...
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