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 The Futures Trust Members

Mrs K Ireland
Rev A Randle-Bissell
Mr D Wood
Mr D Belcher

          The Futures Trust Board of Trustees

Mr S Toor (Interim CEO & Accounting Officer)

Mr T Fitzpatrick (Chair)

Mr M Stokes

Mr M Moseley
Ms K Morris
Mrs P Heer
Mr D Loudon
Mrs C Blair, Co-opted Trustee
Mrs Helen Quinn
Ms Janet Thompson

Keresley Newland Primary Academy Local Governing Body

Keresley Newland Primary Academy is a member of The Futures Trust, a Multi Academy Trust, a limited company and a charitable company registered in England and Wales. The trust's company number is 8678162. Keresley Newland Primary Academy and The Futures Trust is authorised by The Secretary of State for Education and regulated by The Department of Education. The company is bound by the provisions of it's Funding Agreement and the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010.

The MAT is one legal entity, a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Keresley Newland is part of The Futures Trust.

Joint Local Governing Body:

The role of school governors is very important as they help drive the strategic vision for the school and make decisions which are in the best interests of the children and young people.

Governance for Keresley Newland is provided through the Joint Local Governing Body which is shared with Keresley Grange Primary Academy.

The Joint Local Governing Body members are:

  • Mr Tom Ledgard – Chair, Careers
  • Mrs Cameo Shenton - Vice Chair - Parent Governor, Curriculum
  • Mrs Samantha Rooke – SEND and Pupil Premium
  • Mrs Carol Blair – Governor, Safeguarding Link
  • Mrs Samantha Lean - Governor
  • Prof Jane Conlon - Governor
  • Miss Rachael Bradley - Parent Governor
  • Mrs Lesley Dyson - Staff Governor
  • Mrs Nicola Penlington - Headteacher 

There are three levels of Governance:

Members, who agree articles which define the charitable purpose and how the MAT will run, appoint Trustees and remove if necessary, sign off company accounts and annual report and hold the Board of Trustees to account.

A Board of Trustees (Directors) who have ultimate responsibility for running each academy and will deal with the strategic running of the MAT. The Board delegates day-to-day running of each academy to a Local Governing Body (LGB). The level of delegation can be different for each academy. Accountability always remains with the Board of Trustees.

A Local Governing Body who have powers delegated by the Board of Trustees to oversee the day to day running of each academy.

Annual funding is allocated to each academy on an individual basis. The MAT is a single employer, sharing procurement and resources across the group.

In order to set up The Futures Trust, a number of legal documents are put in place between the Trustees and The Secretary of State for Education.

The Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests captures relevant interests of Governors of academies within the Multi-Academy Trust. A copy of this document can be found below.

A copy of the school's Supplementary Funding Agreement can be found below.

Other legal documents can be found on the Trust's website at www.thefuturestrust.org.uk

The Trust's Registered Office is:

President Kennedy School
Rookery Lane

Tel: 024 7666 1416